Online Reputation Management
online reputation management

Why you need an online reputation Management ?

With the emergence of internet and social networks it has never been easier to set negative or slanderous results in such a short time. if you do not protect yourself from negative SEO someone can easily post a negative comment about your company, create fake reviews, create a blog post, make a complaint about your services and unfortunately this practice is now a common scenario online. Without the help of a specialist to locate and eradicate this new threat your online business can get penalised or even worse being blacklisted and removed from search engines .

How a Web reputation can be damaging to your business?

The consequences of a bad online reputation can be measured at several levels: they can be subtle: for example, a user that clicks on your competitor's site while searching for your services because of some manipulation from blog, directories and ads or severe: a general boycott of your products or services. In addition to the financial implications needed to develop the credibility of your business, a good web reputation can drastically help to boost your profit.

Who cares about your online reputation?

Your online reputation can be seen in different ways. Whether you are looking for a job, selling a product, or are looking to try to find an investor, there will always be someone who will use a search engine to learn more about you.

  • consumers
  • shareholders
  • trading partners
  • journalists
  • marketers
  • potential employers
  • employees
  • personal contacts